The Model 2900 Motor Controls are fullwave, regenerative (four quadrant) SCR type controls that control the speed and direction of shunt wound or permanent magnet DC motors.

• Diagnostic LEDs
• 8 Bit digital input, or
• ±5 VDC analog input
• Manual Speed Pot
• 1500 volt isolation (minimum)
• Extremely rugged
• Completely failsafe
• Static direction switching control
• Controlled motor output up to 1 HP

The Series 2800 is a reliable and cost effective solution for controlling a permanent magnet motor in variable speed applications. The drive uses SCR's to provide full-wave rectification from the AC line. The drive controls motors from 1/20 to 2HP.

• Compact size: (4.25" x 2.64" x .50")
• User Adjustable Pots: Max/Min Speed, Torque, IR Comp
• HP Select: Dip Switch selectable
• Input Select: Manual Speed Pot/Isolated Analog Input
• Inhibit: Coast to 0 or minimum speed with inhibit terminals connected
• Speed Range & Regulation: 50:1 & 2% Regulation
• Connection Interface: Terminal Block
• Voltage Following: 0-5VDC Fully Isolated

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