Single quadrant control of DC Motors
Model 2800 Analog Input or Manual Speed Input
Isolated Input


• Compact size: (4.25" x 2.64" x .50")
• User Adjustable Pots: Max/Min Speed, Torque, IR Comp
• HP Select: Dip Switch selectable
• Input Select: Manual Speed Pot/Isolated Analog Input
• Inhibit: Coast to 0 or minimum speed with inhibit terminals connected
• Speed Range & Regulation: 50:1 & 2% Regulation
• Connection Interface: Terminal Block
• Voltage Following: 0-5VDC Fully Isolated

The Series 2800 is a reliable and cost effective solution for controlling a permanent magnet motor in variable speed applications. The drive uses SCR's to provide full-wave rectification from the AC line. The drive controls motors from 1/20 to 2HP.

These controls are designed to be easily interfaced to either analog or digital low level circuitry, the input signals are isolated from motor and power line with 1500VDC minimum isolation voltage reducing the possibility of grounding, noise or safety problems.

Compact in size (4.25" x 2.64" x .50"), these controls offer better then 2% regulation over a 50:1 speed range. The control is fabricated with surface mount technology mounted on an Insulated Metal Substrate PC Board. The unit can be used as stand alone up to 1/4HP; anything above this requires the unit to be mounted on an additional heatsink.