Thyristor Servo Amplifiers
For DC Brush Motors
Model 2745 Digital
Model 2745 Analog


Powr Ups Thyristor Amplifiers are more rugged and more economical than PWM amplifiers.

• Ideal for high power low bandwidth applications
• Extremely rugged and resistant to transients
• Lowest cost per watt of any amplifier type
• Ideal for high power/low bandwidth applications
• Operates directly from 115VAC or 230VAC source - no additional power supply needed
• Wide range of power levels and armature voltages are available
• Regenerative circuit returns unused power back to the power line
• Isolated ±10 VDC control inputs interface with all servo controller cards

Model Power
2748S 24VDC, 50 watts
2745SL 1/4 HP, 200 watts
2745S up to 1 HP, 750 watts
2745S-3 up to 3 HP, 2250 watts
2745S-5 up to 5 HP, 3750 watts