Four quadrant control of DC Motors
Model 2767 Digital
Model 2767 Analog
Isolated Input


• Diagnostic LEDs
• 8 Bit digital input, or
• ±5 VDC analog input
• Manual Speed Pot
• 1500 volt isolation (minimum)
• Extremely rugged
• Completely failsafe
• Static direction switching control
• Controlled motor output up to 1 HP

The Model 2767 Motor Controls are fullwave, regenerative (four quadrant) SCR type controls that control the speed and direction of shunt wound or permanent magnet DC motors.

The Model 2767 offers a variety of customer interface configurations. The customer can interface with the unit via an 8 bit TTL level input command, fully isolated analog input, or manual speed potentiometer.

The input signal circuitry is isolated from the AC mains and motor terminals with a minimum of 1500-volt DC dielectric withstanding voltage. These controls are designed to be easily interfaced to microprocessors or TTL digital circuitry. The opto-isolation between the logic inputs and power line and motor outputs eliminates the possibility of grounding or noise problems.