Four quadrant control of DC Motors
Model 100
Microprocessor / TTL Compatible

  • Parallel TTL level inputs
• Full direction control
• 1500 volt isolation (minimum)
• Controlled motor output up to 1/8 HP
• Coding simplifies software commands


The MODEL 100 MOTOR CONTROL is a half wave (four quadrant) regenerative unit that controls the speed and direction of shunt wound or PM motors with outputs ranging up to 1/8 HP.

These controls are designed to be easily interfaced to microprocessors or TTL digital circuitry. Logic input signals are opto-isolated from the motor and power line circuits with a minimum isolation voltage of 1500 VDC. This eliminates crosstalk, ground loops, and other noise problems.

An eight bit parallel logic command (negative true) selects motor direction as well as motor speed with 7 bit (one part in 128) resolution. A failsafe circuit de-energizes the motor if control power is not present.

The Model 100 operates from a nominal 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz power source, and drives DC motors with 90 VDC rated armatures. A field circuit can provide either 50 VDC or 100 VDC for shunt wound fields.

The units are of open frame construction. Connections to the digital inputs may be made via a standard insulation displacement ribbon connector, or by solder eyelets. Connections to the motor and power line may use a plug-in screw terminal barrier strip, or solder eyelets.