Four quadrant control of DC Motors
Model 2749
Analog Input

  • Ideal for start/stop or rapid reversing applications
• Extremely rugged
• Full-wave four-quadrant regenerative DC output
• Motor inhibit input
• Maximum/minimum speed, torque and regulation controls

POWR UPS MODEL 2749 motor controls are full wave, four quadrant regenerative units that control the motor speed and torque of permanent magnet (PM) DC motors. These controls use an external 5000 ohm speed command potentiometer and are fully adjustable industrial grade units in a compact, low cost package. Powr Ups model 2749 is ideal for OEM applications that require rapid or frequent starting/stopping of inertial loads or static switching bi-directional control.

An inhibit signal line is provided on 2749 units. When energized, the motor output is inhibited.

User settable adjustment controls include maximum speed, current/torque limit, IR compensation (for adjustment of speed regulation), acceleration and deceleration. Full load rated horsepower ranges from 1/30th HP to 2 HP.

Model 2749 controls are rugged units that incorporate thyristor phase angle control and operate from a nominal 115 VAC line, driving 90 VDC rated motors. 180 VDC rated motors are driven when a 230 VAC line is used. Other motor voltages can be accommodated on special order. Most applications require the use of a 1:1 autotransformer or split AC line to produce the full wave characteristic.