Four quadrant control of DC Motors
Model 1000
Microprocessor/TTL Compatible


• Parallel TTL level inputs
• Full direction control
• 1500 volt isolation (minimum)
• Controlled motor output up to 1 HP
• Coding simplifies software commands
• Diagnostic LEDs for digital interface

The SERIES 1000 MOTOR CONTROLS are half-wave, regenerative (four quadrant) units that control the speed and direction of motor torque of shunt wound or permanent magnet (PM) DC motors, with outputs ranging from 1/6 to 1.0 horsepower.

These controls are designed to be easily interfaced to microprocessors or TTL digital circuitry. Logic input signals are opto-isolated from the motor and power line circuits with a minimum isolation voltage of 1500 VDC. This reduces the possibility of grounding or noise problems.

An eight bit parallel command selects motor direction as well as 7-bit (1 part in 128) control of speed. A failsafe circuit de-energizes the motor if the control power is not present. The Series 1000 motor control units are of open frame construction, suitable for OEM use in user provided enclosures. The aluminum mounting bracket serves as a heat sink for the power semiconductors. Inputs and outputs are connected by plug-in barrier strips or by solder eyelets.

Model 1015
Operation from 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz mains, and drives DC motors with 90 VDC armature ratings and 50-100 VDC fields.

Model 1023
Operation from 220/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz mains, and drives DC motors with 180 VDC ratings and 100-200 VDC field windings.